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Replacement SKF Crossed Roller Bearings

RU series crossed roller bearings

1. RA series (Corresponding to THK’s RA series)


RA series models are compact models that reduce the thickness of the inner and outer rings of the RB type to the limit. It is suitable for parts that require light weight and compact design, such as robot and robot rotation parts.

2. RB series (Corresponding to THK’s RB series, IKO’s CRB series)

RB type crossed roller bearings (inner ring integral, outer ring split type)

The outer ring is divided into two pieces, and the inner ring is a monolithic structure type, this series is suitable for applications with high rotational accuracy of the inner ring.

3. RE Series (THK RE Series )

Main dimensions are the same as RB type. The difference with RB is that the outer ring is of integral structure and the inner ring is divided into two pieces, which is suitable for the part requiring high accuracy of outer ring rotation.

4. RU series (Corresponding to RU series of THK and CRBF series of IKO)


RU series model, inner and outer ring one piece type. Since the mounting holes are machined, there is no need for a mounting flange or support seat. In addition, the integrated inner and outer ring structure with seat is adopted, so that mounting has little effect on performance, and stable rotational accuracy and torque can be obtained. It can be used for both outer ring and inner ring rotation.

5. SX series (Corresponding to INA SX series).


The structure is similar to RB series, the outer ring is a two-part structure, connected by three spring snap rings, and the inner ring is designed in one piece, which is suitable for places requiring high accuracy of inner ring rotation.


6. XSU series (Corresponds to INA’s XSU series)


The XSU08 series model is similar to the RU series in that the inner and outer rings are already machined with mounting holes, eliminating the need for fixing flanges and support seats. In addition, since the integrated inner and outer ring structure with seat is adopted, mounting has almost no effect on performance, so stable rotational accuracy and torque can be obtained. It can be used for both outer ring and inner ring rotation.


7. CRBC series (IKO’s CRBC series)


The structure of the outer ring is split type and the inner ring is one piece design with cage full complement roller bearing. It is suitable for parts requiring high rotational accuracy of the inner ring.

8. CRBH series (IKO CRBH series)

Selling point: thin type and high precision

Advantage: Thin section design

Application: High-precision rotary applications requiring small cross-sectional dimensions

Product features: thin section size design, high precision and high rigidity bearings



CRBT crossed roller bearings (ultra-thin type) selling point: ultra-thin section design advantage: high precision use occasions: collaborative robots, special service robots, etc. product characteristics: ultra-thin section of the compact structure, high precision, high rigidity and low friction

RA Series Cross Roller Bearing (16)

RB Series Cross Roller Bearing (52)

RU Series Cross Roller Bearing (11)

SX Series Cross Roller Bearing (13)

CRBT Series Cross Roller Bearing (13)

CRBF Series Cross Roller Bearing (8)

CRBH Series Cross Roller Bearing (19)

CRBS Series Cross Roller Bearing (16)


LKPB Factory shooting

Luoyang LIKE Precision Machinery Co,. Ltd (LKPB). is a professional precision bearing manufacturer, located in Luoyang,  the famous bearing production base in China.

With the development direction of producing precision bearings, the company develops and manufactures six series of products: precision Rotary Table Bearings, precision Cross Roller Bearings, Thin-walled Precision Bearings, special Bearings for Harmonic Reducers, Hollow Rotary Platform Bearings and Flexible bearings, The precision levels including P2, P4 and P5 ,The outer diameter size range isφ20mm – φ2000mm .

Products series : Rotary table bearing (YRT, YRTS, YRTM,  ZKLDF series) ; Cross Roller Bearing (RA, RB, RU, SX, XSU, CRBH, CRBF, CRBS, CRBT series);  Harmonic Reducer Bearings ( CSF, SHF series); Hollow Rotary Platform bearings ( ZK series); and Flexible Bearings ( FS series ) .

Luoyang LIKE Precisoin Machinery Co., Ltd has accumulated rich production experience in the past 8 years,  supporting OEM service.

Our products are exported to Germany, Italy, Korea, Japan, the United States, Belgium, Turkey and so on.

The main application areas of our products are precision rotary tables, machining center rotary tables, industrial robot joints and rotating, robotic rotating parts, CNC machine tools, automation industry, direct drive motors, precision instruments, radar, medical equipment and other industries.

We have a complete quality management system, certified by ISO9001. The bearings are all with Stable quality and highest cost performance, can completely replace INA/IKO/THK/FAG and other foreign brands, have been well received by customers at home and abroad. Looking forward to our win-win relationship!

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