YRTS High Speed Rotary Table Bearing is a kind of rotating mechanism supported by outer ring and inner ring, which can be divided into three series: YRT Type, YRTC type, YRTS type and YRTM type. YRT series bearings are composed of three rows of rollers, two rows of axial roller to ensure stable axial load capacity, a row of radial roller to ensure that the bearings can withstand the role of radial force and overturning Torque, suitable for axial load of the rotary mechanism.

YRTS series limit speed is higher than YRT series. YRTS high speed rotary table bearing are as same as YRT basic rotary table bearings, designed with two axial component and a radial component: axial component contains two axial cylinder roller cage assembles, an outer ring, a L-section inner ring and a second ring. Axial preloaded after fitting. Radial component contains a cylinder roller cage assembles, radial preload also added after fitting. The outer ring, L-section inner ring and the second ring have fixing hole. The unit is located by means of retaining screws for the safety of transport and handling. YRTS high speed series bearing can be used for shaft which driven by direct drive motor.

The dimension, shape, and structure of YRTS high speed bearings are as same as YRT basic rotary table bearings, and the difference is the inner structure. Due to it’s special inner design, this kind of bearing have higher limiting speed and lower and lower friction and high speed. Such as Direct drive shaft, especially for the CNC rotary table structure. YRT and YRTS series bearing all use TURMOGREASE Li802EP grease which are produced by LUBCON in Germany, the operating temperature is between -35℃ and +140℃, compatible with NBR, FKM, PTFE and PA66, you can also choose the grease of Shell company. The bearings have grease hole on out ring and L-section inner ring for adding grease.

If higher speeds are required, the ZKLDF Axial angular contact ball bearings can be selected.

1. YRTS High Speed Rotary Table Bearing Structure

YRTS High Speed Rotary Table Bearing, It consists of a thrust/radial housing washer,a thrust/radial shaft washer,two axial needle roller and cage assemblies and cage assemblies and a group of radial cylindrical roller, housing washer and shaft washer have equally spaced fitting bolt holes.


2. YRTS High Speed Rotary Table Bearing Advantages 

YRT Rotary Table Bearing have high axial load and radial load ,and high tilting rigidity and high precision. 


3. YRTS High Speed Rotary Table Bearing Applications

YRTS (YRT Speed) high-speed rotary table bearings are a specialized type of rotary table bearing designed to meet the demands of applications requiring both high precision and rapid rotational speeds. These bearings are known for their exceptional performance characteristics, making them suitable for a range of applications in various industries. Here are some common applications for YRTS high-speed rotary table bearings:

  1. Machine Tools and CNC Machining Centers:

    • YRTS bearings are often used in machine tools and CNC machining centers, where precise positioning and high-speed rotation are essential for tasks such as milling, grinding, drilling, and cutting.
  2. Robotic Arms and Automation:

    • Robotic arms require bearings that can provide both speed and accuracy for tasks like pick-and-place operations, welding, painting, and assembly in industrial automation and robotics.
  3. Medical Equipment:

    • YRTS bearings find applications in medical devices and equipment, including medical robotics for surgery, diagnostics, and patient treatment, where precise and rapid movements are crucial.
  4. Semiconductor Manufacturing:

    • In semiconductor manufacturing equipment, YRTS bearings are used in wafer handling, lithography, and precision alignment systems, where high-speed and precise motion control are vital for semiconductor production processes.
  5. Aerospace and Defense:

    • These bearings are used in aerospace applications such as radar systems, missile guidance systems, and telescope mounts, where they ensure accurate and rapid positioning.
  6. Precision Optical Instruments:

    • YRTS bearings are employed in optical equipment, such as spectrometers, laser marking systems, and astronomical telescopes, where they provide the required precision for tracking celestial objects.
  7. 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing:

    • High-speed rotary table bearings are used in 3D printers to enable precise layering of materials and rapid movement of the print head or build platform.
  8. High-Speed Inspection and Testing Equipment:

    • In quality control and inspection systems, YRTS bearings are utilized for rapid positioning and rotation to assess the integrity and quality of products.
  9. Packaging Machinery:

    • Rotary table bearings are employed in high-speed packaging machinery, including bottle cappers, labelers, and filling machines, to facilitate fast and precise container handling and product packaging.
  10. Pharmaceutical Production:

    • YRTS bearings play a role in pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment for tasks like tablet counting, blister packaging, and liquid filling, where accuracy and speed are essential.
  11. Food and Beverage Processing:

    • In the food and beverage industry, these bearings are used in high-speed sorting, filling, and packaging machines to maintain efficiency and precision in food processing and packaging operations.
  12. Automation in Logistics and Warehousing:

    • YRTS bearings are integrated into conveyor systems, sorters, and robotic palletizers in logistics and warehousing facilities, enhancing the efficiency of material handling and order fulfillment.

4. YRTS High Speed Rotary Table Bearing Characteristics

1. High precision: P4, P2 And VSP precision
2. High rigidity: This series bearing have preload
3. High load:This series bearing can bear double-direction axial load, radial load and tilting moment
4. High speed: YRTS series bearing can be applied to the situation of high rotating speed


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6. YRTS High Speed Rotary Table Bearing Escription

YRTS Specification
YRTS Specification
YRTS Specification
YRTS Specification

7. YRTS High Speed Rotary Table Bearing Number

YRTS200 High Speed Rotary Table Bearing

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YRTS260 High Speed Rotary Table Bearing

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YRTS325 High Speed Rotary Table Bearing

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YRTS395 High Speed Rotary Table Bearing

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YRTS460 High Speed Rotary Table Bearing

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