RU Crossed Roller Bearings, Since the mounting holes are provided the model does not require a presser flange or housing. In addition, because it has an integrated inner/outer ring structure and is equipped with washers, its performance is minimally affected by the mounting procedure, ensuring stable rotation accuracy and torque. This model can be used for both inner-ring rotation and outer-ring rotation.

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The structure of the crossed cylindrical roller bearing is divided into three types of outer ring split type, inner ring split type and inner and outer ring integrated type. The rolling elements are short cylindrical rollers arranged at 90 ° to each other in a V-shaped raceway. The rollers are separated by a spacer.

This structural design allows a single bearing to withstand axial loads, radial loads, and overturning moments. At the same time, bearings have high rigidity, high rotation accuracy and high bearing capacity, so they are suitable for rotary joints of industrial robots, rotary tables of machining centers, precision rotary tables, medical machines, measuring instruments, etc.

Because the rollers are arranged in a cross, only one set of crossed roller collars can bear the load in all directions. Compared with the traditional model, the rigidity is increased by 3 to 4 times. Due to its special structure, it is usually used as an articulated bearing in industrial robots.

1. RU Crossed Roller Bearings Structure

With the Cross-Roller Ring, cylindrical rollers are arranged crosswise, with each roller perpendicular to the adjacent roller, in a 90゜ V groove, separated from each other by a spacer retainer. This design allows just one bearing to receive loads in all directions including, radial, axial and moment loads.Since the Cross-Roller Ring achieves high rigidity despite the minimum possible dimensions of the inner and outer rings.


2.RU Crossed Roller Bearings Features

Since this series bearings with mounting holes already,they do not need flange or  housing.In addition,because it has anintergrated inner/outer ring structureand is equipped with washers,its performance is minimally affected by the mounting procedure,ensuring stable rotation accurancy and torque. 

  • High precision: P5, P4 precision
  • High rigidity: This series bearing have preload
  • High load:This series bearing can bear double-direction axial load, radial load and tilting moment
  • Small size: This series bearing can save space for machine tools

3. RU Crossed Roller Bearings Applications

Widely used on high precision rotary table, robot joints, rotating units, sophisticated medical equipments, and measurement instruments.

RU series crossed roller bearings

4.RU Crossed Roller Bearings Video Introduction

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6. RU Crossed Roller Bearings Escription

RU blueprint
RU bearing blueprint
Diameter (mm)Identification number Main dimensionsShoulder heightBasic load rating(radial)Weight
IDODPCDBOil holermin

7. RU Crossed Roller Bearings shop

RU Series Cross Roller Bearing (11)

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