In the world of high-precision machinery, every component plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth operation and accurate results. ZARF ball screw bearings stand out as a specialized solution designed to meet the rigorous demands of ball screw support systems. This article delves into the unique features and benefits of ZARF bearings, exploring their applications and highlighting their advantages for various industries.

What are ZARF Ball Screw Bearings?

Unlike traditional angular contact ball bearings, ZARF bearings utilize a combined structure of needle rollers and cylindrical roller thrust bearings. This innovative design offers several key advantages:

  • Enhanced load capacity: ZARF bearings can handle heavy radial and axial loads simultaneously, making them ideal for applications requiring high rigidity and stability.
  • Superior precision: The combination of needle rollers and cylindrical rollers allows for exceptional axial runout accuracy, reaching up to 1 μm, crucial for high-precision machining processes.
  • Compact design: Despite their impressive load capacity, ZARF bearings come in a compact design, saving space and weight in machinery and equipment.
  • Reduced downtime: Their robust construction and high-performance materials contribute to extended bearing life and minimized maintenance requirements.

Applications of ZARF Ball Screw Bearings:

ZARF bearings find their niche in various demanding applications across multiple industries:

  • Machine tools: Milling machines, turning centers, grinding machines, and other high-precision equipment leverage ZARF bearings for accurate positioning and feed drives.
  • Robotics: The high rigidity and compact size of ZARF bearings make them ideal for robot joints, ensuring precise movement and efficient operation.
  • Industrial automation: From material handling systems to automated assembly lines, ZARF bearings play a vital role in achieving smooth and reliable automated processes.
  • Medical equipment: High-precision medical devices like CT scanners and surgical robots depend on the accuracy and reliability offered by ZARF bearings.

Benefits of Using ZARF Ball Screw Bearings:

  • Improved machine performance: The enhanced load capacity and precision of ZARF bearings contribute to higher spindle speeds, feed rates, and overall machine accuracy.
  • Reduced operating costs: Extended bearing life and minimized maintenance needs translate to lower overall operating costs for machinery owners.
  • Increased productivity: Consistent performance and minimized downtime lead to improved production efficiency and throughput.
  • Broad range of options: The extensive ZARF series offers various dimensions and load ratings to cater to diverse application requirements.


ZARF ball screw bearings represent a unique solution for applications demanding high rigidity, precision, and reliability. Their innovative design and performance benefits make them a valuable asset for various industries, contributing to improved machine performance, reduced costs, and increased productivity.

ZARF Ball Screw Bearings Products

ZARF Ball Screw Bearings
Shaft Diameter
LKPB Modelweights(g)SizeBasic load ratinglimiting speedTightening torque
Friction torque
Cr KNCor   KNCr   KNCor   KN
15ZARF 1560(L)TN(450)42015604026.05339.014.083524348.021.0110.
17ZARF 1762(L)TN(520)49017624327.55741.514.083828389.523.5110.
20ZARF 2068(L)TN(610)56020684629.06043.014.0842304010.024.0110.
 ZARF 2080(L)TN(1220)110020806038.07553.018.01052405013.028.0110.
25ZARF 2575(L)TN(840)78025755033.06548.018.01047364510.025.0110.
 ZARF 2590(L)TN(1750)160025906038.07553.018.01062486012.027.0110.
30ZARF 3080(L)TN(900)85030805033.06548.018.01052405010.025.0110.
 ZARF 30105(L)TN(2150)1950301056641.08257.018.01068526615.031.0120.
35ZARF 3590(L)TN(1250)112035905435.07051.018.01060455811.027.0120.
 ZARF 35110(L)TN(1850)1600351106641.08257.018.01073607314.030.0120.
40ZARF 40100(L)TN(1450)1350401005434.07051.018.01065506311.027.0120.
 ZARF 40115(L)TN(3000)2700401157547.59365.522.512.578607816.034.0120.
45ZARF 45105(L)TN(1850)1700451056040.07555.022.512.570566811.526.5120.
 ZARF 45130(L)TN(4300)3900451308251.010342.022.512.590708817.538.5140.30.66.0105.042.578.8115.9363.0330011501503.5
50ZARF 50115(L)TN(2450)2100501156040.07858.022.512.578607811.529.5120.
 ZARF 50140(L)TN(4650)4200501408251.010372.022.512.595759317.538.5140.30.66.0113.045.588.1119.3387.2310011001803.8
55ZARF 55145(L)TN(5000)4500551458251.010372.022.512.5100809817.538.5140.30.66.0118.049.0109.9126.0369.0290010002204
60ZARF 60150(L)TN(5350)4700601508251.010372.022.512.51059010517.538.5160.30.66.0123.054.9118.6141.0505.027009502504.2
65ZARF 65155(L)TN(5720)5120651558251.010372.022.512.51109010817.538.5160.30.66.0128.054.2100.8126.2441.426009002704
70ZARF 70160(L)TN(6000)5200701608251.010372.022.512.511510011517.538.5160.30.66.0133.069.6143.5143.0532.024008003304.8
75ZARF 75185(L)TN(10610)94007518510062.012587.027.015.013511513521.046.0160.31.06.0155.095.0193.0233.0769.021007005808
90ZARF 90210(L)TN(15100)137009021011069.513594.532.017.516013015822.547.5160.31.08.0180.0101.0225.6320.01172.0180070096010.5

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