In the intricate world of machinery and automation, where precision is paramount, XV Crossed Roller Bearings have established themselves as a cornerstone of accuracy and reliability. This article explores the key features, advantages, and applications of XV Crossed Roller Bearings, shedding light on their significance in enhancing precision and efficiency across diverse industrial sectors.

Innovative Crossed Roller Design:

XV precision crossed roller bearings, the structure of the inner ring is split, the outer ring as a whole, the outer ring is machined with mounting holes, simplifying the structure of adjacent mounting parts, the outer ring as a whole is more suitable for the outer ring rotary accuracy of the occasions, the stability of the rotary accuracy of the micron level.

At the heart of XV Crossed Roller Bearings lies an innovative design that incorporates crossed cylindrical rollers arranged at right angles to each other. This unique configuration enables these bearings to simultaneously handle radial, axial, and moment loads, showcasing their versatility. The crossed roller design minimizes friction, resulting in smoother rotational movements and ensuring precise control in a wide range of applications.

High Rigidity for Stability:

XV Crossed Roller Bearings are engineered with high rigidity to provide stability in the face of dynamic loads. This characteristic is crucial in applications where maintaining precision under varying conditions is essential. The design minimizes deformation under load, ensuring that these bearings remain robust and stable even in challenging industrial environments. This feature is particularly advantageous in applications such as robotics and machine tools.

Compact Design with Reduced Weight:

Despite their robust load-bearing capabilities, XV Crossed Roller Bearings feature a compact and lightweight design. This combination is particularly advantageous in applications where space is limited or weight considerations are crucial. The compact design of these bearings makes them suitable for a variety of industries, allowing engineers to optimize the design of their machinery without compromising on performance.

Applications Across Industries:

Suitable for precision testing instruments, robot joints, direct-drive torque motors, high-precision rotary tables, and other applications requiring high precision and high rigidity.

XV Crossed Roller Bearings find applications across a broad spectrum of industries due to their versatility and precision. From robotics and medical devices to aerospace and semiconductor manufacturing, these bearings have proven their worth in delivering reliable and accurate rotary motion. The ability to handle complex loads while maintaining stability positions XV Crossed Roller Bearings as a versatile solution for engineers and designers in various fields.

Durability and Longevity:

Engineered with durability in mind, XV Crossed Roller Bearings are constructed from high-quality materials and undergo rigorous quality control measures. This results in bearings that not only perform exceptionally well but also exhibit a longer service life, contributing to reduced downtime and maintenance costs. The reliability of these bearings enhances the overall efficiency of machinery and automation systems.

Customization for Specific Requirements:

Understanding that different industries have unique specifications, XV Crossed Roller Bearings offer customization options. Engineers can explore variations in size, load capacities, and other specifications to tailor these bearings to their specific applications. This flexibility ensures that XV Crossed Roller Bearings seamlessly integrate into a wide array of industrial setups.


XV Crossed Roller Bearings stand as a testament to precision engineering, versatility, and reliability in the realm of rotary motion control. Their innovative crossed roller design, high rigidity, compact form, and customization options make them a preferred choice for engineers seeking precision and efficiency in their machinery. As industries continue to demand higher levels of performance, XV Crossed Roller Bearings remain at the forefront, providing solutions that elevate the precision and reliability of machinery and automation systems.

XV crossed roller bearing

XV crossed roller bearings Product model

XV cross roller bearings
LKPB DesignationDimensionsFixing holesFixing screws
Fr perm
(friction locking) kN
Da h6di J6HahiDidaLan 1) BdBdsts
XV 1001701002223117.5116.5150169158.528.22.31
XV 1101801102223127.5126.5160169158.528.22.48

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