In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial machinery and automation, precision components play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless operations. RE Cross Roller Bearings have emerged as a hallmark of engineering excellence, offering unparalleled reliability and precision in rotary motion applications. This article explores the features, advantages, and applications of RE Cross Roller Bearings, shedding light on their significance in diverse industrial settings.

Innovative Cross Roller Design:

RE type crossed roller bearings (inner ring is divided into two pieces, outer ring is integral type)

The inner ring is divided into two pieces, the outer ring is an integral structural type, the inner ring is fixed by a nut, RE crossed roller bearings are suitable for applications requiring high rotational accuracy of the outer ring.

RE Cross Roller Bearings are characterized by their innovative design, incorporating crossed cylindrical rollers arranged at right angles to one another between the inner and outer rings. This unique configuration enables the bearings to handle radial, axial, and moment loads simultaneously, making them exceptionally versatile in various applications. The crossed roller design also contributes to reduced friction and improved accuracy in rotational movements.

High Rigidity and Load Capacity:

One of the standout features of RE Cross Roller Bearings is their high rigidity, ensuring stability in the face of dynamic loads. The design minimizes deformation under load, making these bearings ideal for applications where precision and load-bearing capacity are crucial. Whether in robotic arms, machine tools, or other precision machinery, RE Cross Roller Bearings deliver the stiffness needed to maintain accuracy and performance.

Precise Motion Control:

Precision is at the core of RE Cross Roller Bearings, making them indispensable in applications requiring accurate motion control. The crossed roller arrangement minimizes rolling friction, resulting in smoother rotational movements. This precision is particularly valuable in industries such as aerospace, medical equipment, and semiconductor manufacturing, where exacting tolerances are non-negotiable.

Compact Design for Space Efficiency:

Despite their robust load-bearing capabilities, RE Cross Roller Bearings boast a compact and space-efficient design. This characteristic makes them suitable for applications with limited space or where minimizing weight is a consideration. The combination of high performance and a compact footprint positions these bearings as a go-to solution for industries where space optimization is paramount.

Applications Across Industries:

RE crossed roller bearings have a split inner ring structure and adjustable bearing clearance, which enables high-precision rotary motion even when a preload is applied. The external dimensions of this series of bearings have been greatly miniaturized, and the structure is close to the miniaturized dimensions with high rigidity, which makes them suitable for applications such as joints or rotating parts of industrial robots, rotating tables of machining centers, rotating parts of robots, rotating tables, rotating turrets, and medical instruments.

RE Cross Roller Bearings find applications across a wide spectrum of industries due to their versatility and precision. Whether in robotics, aerospace, medical devices, or semiconductor manufacturing, these bearings excel in providing reliable and accurate rotary motion. Their ability to handle complex loads and maintain stability in challenging conditions makes them a preferred choice for engineers and designers in diverse fields.

Durability and Longevity:

Engineered with durability in mind, RE Cross Roller Bearings are constructed from high-quality materials and undergo rigorous quality control measures. This results in bearings that not only perform exceptionally well but also exhibit a longer service life, contributing to reduced downtime and maintenance costs. The reliability of these bearings enhances the overall efficiency of machinery and automation systems.



RE Cross Roller Bearings stand as a testament to engineering innovation, offering a combination of precision, versatility, and durability. As industries continue to demand higher levels of performance and accuracy in rotary motion applications, these bearings play a crucial role in meeting those requirements. Whether in the realm of robotics, aerospace, or medical technology, RE Cross Roller Bearings are poised to continue their legacy as indispensable components driving excellence in rotary motion control.

RE crossed roller bearings

RE cross roller bearings Product model

RE crossed roller bearings
LKPB numberMain dimensionsShoulder heightBasic load rating(radial)weight
inner ring outer ringRoller pitch circle diameterwidthGreasing holeChamferdsDhCC0Kg
dD dp (mm)B B1φr(min)KNKN
RE 4010406553.5101.5147.5588.3310.60.16
RE 4510457058.5101.515161.58.6211.30.17
RE 5013508066131.5157.57216.720.90.27
RE 6013609076131.5168821824.30.3
RE 70137010086131.51789219.427.70.35
RE 801680120101.4161.519111130.142.10.7
RE 901690130112161.51.59811831.445.30.75
RE 10016100140121.1161.51.510912931.748.60.83
RE 10020150127201.51.511313333.150.91.45
RE 11012110135123.3121.5111712712.524.10.4
RE 11015145129151.5112213623.741.50.75
RE 11020160137201.51.512014034541.56
RE 12016120150136161.5112714124.243.20.72
RE 12025180152252213316466.91002.62
RE 13015130160146151.511371522546.70.72
RE 13025190162252214317469.51072.82
RE 14016140175160161.51.514716225.950.11
RE 14025200172252215418574.81212.96
RE 15013150180166131.511581722753.50.68
RE 15025210182252216419476.81283.16
RE 1503023019230321732101001565.3
RE 16025160220192252217320481.71353.14
RE 17020170220196.1201.521841982962.12.21
RE 180251802402102522195225841433.44
RE 19025190240219251.51.520222241.782.92.99
RE 200252002602302522.521524584.21574
RE 200302802403032.52212581142006.7
RE 20035295247.73532.52252701512529.6
RE 22025220280250.12522.523526592.31714.1
RE 24025240300272.5252325628168.31454.5
RE 25025250310280.9252326829369.31505
RE 25030330287.530332693061262448.1
RE 25040355300.7403.5327532619534814.8
RE 30025300360332252331934475.71785.9
RE 30035395345353332236818336713.4
RE 30040405351.6403.5332637721240917.2
RE 35020350400376.6201.5336338354.11433.9
RE 40035400480440.33533.542245915637014.5
RE 40040510453.4403.53.542847924153123.5
RE 45025450500476.6251.51.546448461.71826.6
RE 50025500550526.6251.51.551453465.52017.3
RE 50040600548.84033.552657223960726
RE 50050625561.6503.53.553658726765341.7
RE 60040600700650403462767326472129

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