In the realm of machinery and automation, where precision and reliability are paramount, ZARN Ball Screw Support Special Bearings stand out as indispensable components. These specialized bearings play a crucial role in supporting the smooth and accurate operation of ball screws, ensuring precise motion control in a variety of industrial applications. This article delves into the features, advantages, and applications of ZARN Ball Screw Support Special Bearings, highlighting their significance in driving efficiency and precision in motion control systems.

Precision Engineering for Ball Screw Support:

ZARN Ball Screw Support Special Bearings used outer ring thickened of needle roller bearings and two columns thrust cylindrical roller bearing of combination structure, can bear more heavy radial/axis load, has more higher radial/axial rigidity, while this series bearing axial runout accuracy can reached 1 μm, special meet current mechanical processing industry by requirements of high precision, high host and efficient features.

ZARN Ball Screw Support Special Bearings are meticulously engineered to provide exceptional support for ball screws, facilitating precise linear motion in machinery and automation systems. These bearings feature a combination of angular contact ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings, strategically arranged to accommodate both radial and axial loads. This innovative design minimizes friction and ensures smooth operation, contributing to optimal performance in a wide range of industrial applications.

High Rigidity and Load Capacity:

One of the defining characteristics of ZARN Ball Screw Support Special Bearings is their high rigidity and load-carrying capacity. These bearings are designed to withstand heavy loads and provide stable support for ball screws, even in demanding operating conditions. This feature is crucial for applications where precision and durability are critical, such as CNC machining centers, precision measuring equipment, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Versatility Across Industries:

ZARN Ball Screw Support Special Bearings find applications across a diverse range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and robotics. Whether it’s in machine tool spindle assemblies, linear motion systems, or robotic arms, these bearings excel in providing reliable and accurate support for ball screws. Their versatility and precision make them indispensable components in various industrial sectors, contributing to the efficiency and performance of machinery and automation systems.

Sealed and Lubricated for Longevity:

To ensure long-term reliability and performance, ZARN Ball Screw Support Special Bearings are equipped with effective sealing and lubrication systems. These features protect the bearings from contaminants and prevent premature wear, extending their service life and reducing maintenance requirements. The sealed design also helps to maintain optimal lubrication, further enhancing the bearings’ efficiency and durability in harsh operating environments.

Customization Options for Specific Requirements:

ZARN Ball Screw Support Special Bearings offer customization options to suit different application requirements. Engineers can choose from various sizes, load capacities, and configurations to tailor these bearings to their specific needs. This flexibility allows for greater versatility in designing machinery and automation systems optimized for performance and efficiency.


ZARN Ball Screw Support Special Bearings stand as indispensable components in the realm of motion control, driving efficiency and precision in machinery and automation systems. Their precision engineering, high rigidity, load capacity, and customization options make them essential for supporting ball screws in a wide range of industrial applications. As industries continue to demand greater efficiency and reliability from their machinery and automation systems, ZARN Ball Screw Support Special Bearings remain at the forefront, driving innovation and excellence in motion control technology.

ZARN Ball Screw Support Special Bearings

ZARN Ball Screw Support Special Bearings Product Model

ZARN Ball Screw Support Special Bearings
LKPB ModelMassgMeasureBasic load ratinglimiting speedTightening torque
Friction torque
ZARN 1545TN34015454028.05341.0163524347.520.5110.30.614.319.623.564.385002200100.35
ZARN 1747TN37017474329.55743.5163828389.024.0110.30.615.422.124.369.378002100120.4
ZARN 2052TN41020524631.06045.01642304010.027.5110.30.614.120.627.477.070002000180.5
ZARN 2062TN87020626040.07555.02052405012.525.0110.30.622.638.064.0141.060001500381.3
ZARN 2557TN53025575035.06550.02047364510.027.5110.30.624.839.830.593.560001900250.55
ZARN 2572TN117025726040.07555.02062486012.525.0110.30.624.841.480.0199.049001400551.6
ZARN 3062TN60030625035.06550.02052405010.030.0110.30.624.341.539.0101.055001800320.65
ZARN 3080TN150030806643.08259.02068526614.027.0120.30.625.945.875.7221.044001300752.1
ZARN 3570TN80035705447.07053.02060455811.034.0120.30.626.047.045.9105.448001700420.9
ZARN 3585TN185035856643.08259.02073607314.026.5120.30.628.052.778.2237.6400012501002.3
ZARN 4075TN90040755437.07053.02065506311.038.5120.30.627.553.059.0163.0400016005001
ZARN 4090TN209040907550.09368.02578607816.029.5120.30.640.972.584.2269.0370012001202.5
ZARN 4580TN112045806042.57557.52570506811.538.5120.30.638.074.061.0177.040001500651.2
ZARN 45105TN3020451058253.510374.52590568817.538.5140.30.640.082.0154.0405.0330011501503.5
ZARN 5090TN143050906053.57860.52578707811.538.5120.30.640.082.090.0300.036001200852.2
ZARN 50110TN3300501108253.510374.52595609317.538.5140.30.645.488.1119.3387.0310011001803.8
ZARN 55115TN3500551158253.510374.525100759817.538.5140.30.649.0109.1126.0369.0290010002204
ZARN 60120TN3700601208253.510374.5251058010517.538.5160.30.654.9118.6141.0505.027009502504.2
ZARN 65125TN4000651258253.510374.5251109010817.538.5160.30.654.2100.8126.2441.426009002704
ZARN 70130TN4100701308253.510374.52511510011517.538.5160.30.669.6143.5143.0532.024008003304.8
ZARN 75155TN79007515510065.012590.03013511513521.046.0160.31.095.0193.0290.0890.021007005808
ZARN 90180TN118009018011072.513597.53516013015822.547.5160.31.0101.0256.0320.01172.0180070098010.5
LKPB ModelMassgMeasureBasic load ratinglimiting speedTightening torque
Friction torque
ZARN 1545LTN37024.0347.520.6110.30.614.319.623.564.385002200.0100.35
ZARN 1747LTN41028.038923.0110.30.615.422.124.369.378002100.0120.4
ZARN 2052LTN46030.0401024.0110.30.614.120.627.47770002000.0180.5
ZARN 2062LTN99040.05012.527.5110.30.622.6386414160001500.0381.3
ZARN 2557LTN59036.0451025.0110.30.624.839.830.593.560001900.0250.55
ZARN 2572LTN132048.06012527.5110.30.624.841.48019949001400.0551.6
ZARN 3062LTN75040.0501025.0110.30.624.341.53910155001800.0320.65
ZARN 3080LTN170052.0661430.0120.30.625.945_875.722144001300.0752.1
ZARN 3570LTN93045.0581127.0120.30.626.04745.9105.448001700.0420.9
ZARN 3585LTN180060.0731430.0120.30.628.052.778.2237.640001250.01002.3
ZARN 4075LTN100050.0631127.0120.30.627.5535916344001600.0551
ZARN 4090LTN239060.0781634.0120.30.640.972.584.226937001200.01202.5
ZARN 4580LTN127056.06811.526.5120.30.638.0746117740001500.0651.2
ZARN 45105LTN342070.08817.538.5140.30.640.08215440533001150.01503.5
ZARN 5090LTN178060.07811.529.5120.30.640.0829030036001200.0852.2
ZARN 50110LTN375075.09317.538.5140.30.645.488.1119.338731001100.01803.8
ZARN 55115LTN400080.09817.538.5140.30.649.0109.112636929001000.02204
ZARN 60120LTN485090.010517.538.5160.30.654.9118.61415052700950.02504.2
ZARN 65125LTN460090.010817.538.5160.30.654.2100.8126.2441.43600900.02704
ZARN 70130LTN4650100.011517.538.5160.30.669.6143.51435322400800.03304.8
ZARN 75155LTN9100115.01352146.0160.31.095.01932908902100700.05808
ZARN 90180LTN13200130.015822.547.5160.31.0101.025632011721800700.098010.5

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