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Cross Roller Bearings

Recently, there are often customer inquiries about precision crossed roller bearings, so today we will focus on the product characteristics of this model, and welcome related industry practitioners to discuss together.

Precision crossed roller bearing is also called crossed roller bearing, the rolling body generally uses cylindrical rollers or tapered rollers in a single raceway crossed mutually arranged, between the rollers and rollers through the keeper or isolation block interval, its has high rotational accuracy, large bearing capacity, small size and high rotational speed and rigidity, has a wide range of uses and other bearings can not be compared to the superiority.



This crossed arrangement of rollers makes it possible for a single bearing to withstand various loads such as axial load, radial load and overturning moment, etc. Compared with conventional structure bearings, the rigidity is increased by 3 to 4 times. At the same time, the external dimensions of this series of bearings are greatly miniaturized, and the ultra-thin structure is close to the limit of miniaturization size and has high rigidity, so it is suitable for applications such as joint parts or rotating parts of industrial robots, rotating tables of machining centers, rotating parts of robots, precision rotating tables, turrets, medical instruments, etc.


At present, mainly according to the precision and size of bearings, crossed roller bearings can be divided into precision crossed roller bearings and crossed roller slewing bearings. Both crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearings and precision crossed roller bearings have the characteristics of high rigidity, high slewing accuracy, stable rotating torque and high bearing capacity. The bearings play a vital role as the core components in the precision slewing equipment. The main factors affecting the slewing accuracy of bearings are bearing manufacturing accuracy and bearing rigidity.

Precision crossed cylindrical roller bearings have a series of advantages such as small size, high rotational accuracy, strong resistance to deformation, large load capacity and flexible structure design, etc. They are widely used in precision equipment such as joints and rotating parts of industrial robots, CNC rotary tables, CNC machine tools, indexing tables, precision test tables, medical equipment, optical telescopes and large radar antennas.

RA Series Cross Roller Bearing

Main types of precision crossed roller bearings


RU type crossed roller bearings

RU series models do not need fixed flanges and support seats because both outer and inner rings have mounting holes. Since both inner and outer ring structures are integral, mounting has no effect on bearing performance, so stable rotational accuracy and torque can be obtained and can be used for both outer and inner ring rotation use.

RE type crossed roller bearings

RE series type is a new type produced by the design concept of RB type, and the main dimensions are the same as RB type. Its structure is split type for inner ring and one piece design for outer ring, which is suitable for the part requiring high accuracy of outer ring rotation.

RA type crossed roller bearings

The RA series model is a compact type that reduces the thickness of the inner and outer rings of the RB type to the limit. It is suitable for parts requiring light weight and compact design, such as robot and robot rotating parts, medical instruments, semiconductor processing equipment, optical equipment, aerospace instruments, military equipment, etc. This structure is generally used for fixed outer ring and rotating inner diameter.

RB type crossed roller bearings

RB series model is the basic type of crossed cylindrical roller bearing, the inner and outer ring size is miniaturized to a small extent, its structure is the outer ring is divided type, the inner ring is one piece design, suitable for the part that requires high precision of inner ring rotation.

CRBH series crossed roller bearings

CRBH series models have one-piece structure for both inner and outer rings, no mounting holes for inner and outer rings, thin-walled type, which can be used for outer ring rotation and inner ring rotation, and the overall rigidity is higher than RB series and RE series, so this series can be used instead of RB series and RE series.

CRB /CRBC series crossed roller bearings

CRB series has the structure that the outer ring is split type and the inner ring is one piece design, without cage or isolation block, full complement roller bearing. It is suitable for the parts requiring high rotational accuracy of inner ring and high load requirement.

CRBF series crossed roller bearings

CRBT series models are compact with reduced thickness of inner and outer rings of RA-C type. CRBT crossed roller bearings are suitable for light weight, compact design and smaller installation space, such as robot, robot rotation, medical equipment, semiconductor processing equipment, optical equipment, aerospace equipment, military equipment, etc. CRBT type crossed roller bearings can be used for both outer ring rotation and inner rotation because of the integral structure of both inner and outer rings.

At present, the product quality and precision of domestic precision bearings can completely replace similar foreign products, made in China – is being recognized worldwide!

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