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Features and advantages of crossed roller bearings

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According to the precision and size of bearings, crossed roller bearings can be divided into precision crossed roller bearings and crossed roller slewing bearings. Both crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearings and precision crossed roller bearings have the characteristics of high rigidity, high slewing accuracy, stable rotating torque and high bearing capacity. The bearings play a vital role as the core components in the precision slewing equipment. The main factors affecting the slewing accuracy of bearings are bearing manufacturing accuracy and bearing rigidity.

Precision crossed cylindrical roller bearings have a series of advantages such as small size, high rotational accuracy, strong resistance to deformation, large load capacity and flexible structure design, etc. They are widely used in precision equipment such as joints and rotating parts of industrial robots, CNC rotary tables, CNC machine tools, indexing tables, precision test tables, medical equipment, optical telescopes and large radar antennas.


Features and advantages of crossed roller bearings

1. Crossed roller bearings can be assembled in all directions of the spindle and are easy to use.

2. they can withstand both radial and axial loads, thus simplifying the machine structure and reducing the weight of the machine.

3. crossed roller bearings have low grease consumption due to high rotational efficiency and low heat dissipation. 4.

4. High rotary accuracy due to negative clearance.

5. High rigidity, 3-4 times more rigid than conventional bearings.

6. High load carrying capacity, the roller and raceway are in linear contact and can withstand higher loads.

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