Hollow rotating platform reducer is a revolutionary product, with combination of high working efficiency, high stiffness, high precision and high cost performance. It mainly used in various occasions of rotating motions,such as cell phone factories,camera producing,mulch applicator fields,etc.

This hollow rotate platform itself has a fixed ratio, also it can be matched with planetary gearbox to get much more different ratios like 1:15; 1:24; 1:32 ; 1:40; 1:50.


Hollow Rotary Platform ZK60

1. Hollow Rotary Platform Model option guidelines

1. Mounting dimensions: Input dimension of right angle gearbox must be completely identical to output dimension of servo motor.


2. Ratio: Rated output speed of motor/ratio=Output speed of gearbox, try to select a closest desired ratio to realize a desired speed.


3. Torque: Rated output torque of gearbox must be greater than the value of servo motor rated output torque ( stepper motor: holding torque) *ratio, if less than this value, the service time will be shorten, even the gears and shaft will be broken.


4. Backlash: means precision ( one round is 360 degree, 1 degree=60 arc-min). The backlash is smaller, the precision is higher, also cost is high. So you only need choose a gearbox whose ratio can meet your precision requirement. The radial stress and average life time also should be considered. The gearbox with heavy radial stress has higher reliability during operation. Generally, the average life time is far more than servo motor life time.


Hollow Rotary Platform

2. Hollow Rotary Platform Applications

1. Mobile phone and camera industries

2. Mulch applicator fields

3. Rotation bench of production line automatic reform

4. Laser marking machine

5. Engraving machine ( rotating chuck)

6. Precise alignment mechanism ( rotating shaft)

7. Light load mechanical arm

8. Textile machine

9. Packing machine

10. CNC gantry milling machine

11. Semiconductor device

12. Wood-working machine

13. Pipe bender

14. Index division machine

Hollow Rotary Platform ZK85

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4. Hollow Rotary Platform Specification



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