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Lubrication Modes and inspection of RU85UUCC0 crossed roller bearings


RU85UUCC0 crossed roller bearings are widely used in industrial robots, CNC machine tools and other related fields. In the process of use, in order to maintain their working performance, lubrication and maintenance must be carried out, to maintain the operating specifications appropriate to the operating state of the machine. So, What are the lubrication modes of RU85 cross roller bearing? And how to overhaul it?

1.lubrication Modes of RU85UUCC0 Crossed Roller Bearings

  1. Oil bath lubrication

Oil bath lubrication is a common way of lubrication in thin-walled crossed roller bearings, suitable for low and medium speed bearing lubrication. The bearing is partially immersed in the oil bath, the lubricating oil is brought up by the rotating bearing parts, and then flow back to the oil bath oil surface should be slightly lower than the center of the rolling body.

2. Circulating oil lubrication

Use the oil pump to bail the filtered oil to the bearing parts, through the bearing after the lubricating oil then filtered and cooled after use. Because the circulating oil can take away the certain heat, make the bearing cool down, so this method is practical for high speed bearing parts.

3. Oil drip lubrication

Oil drip lubrication is suitable for the cross cylindrical roller bearing parts that need quantitative supply of lubricating oil, the amount of oil drip individual every 3-8 seconds is appropriate, too much oil will cause the bearing temperature to increase.

4. Spray lubrication

With dry shrinkage air through the sprayer and lubricating oil mixed with oil, radiation cross tapered roller bearings in, airflow can effectively make the bearing cooling and can avoid impurities invasion. This method is suitable for high-speed, low-temperature bearing parts lubrication.

2. Inspection of RU85UUCC0 Crossed Roller Bearings

  1. Bearing cleaning: disassembly under the bearing maintenance, should be the first bearing surface inspection, to determine the amount of lubricant remaining, sampling and inspection of lubricating fluid, and then cleaning the bearing. Commonly used cleaning agent, kerosene.
  1. The disassembled bearing will be cleaned, divided into coarse and fine cleaning, respectively, into the container, with metal mesh pad bottom, so that the bearing will not be in direct contact with the dirt.
  1. In rough cleaning, if the bearing is made to rotate with dirt, the rolling surface of the bearing will be damaged and should be paid attention to. In the rough cleaning, use the brush to remove the grease, adhesion, roughly clean, and then move to the fine cleaning.
  1. Fine cleaning is to rotate the bearing in the cleaning oil while cleaning carefully. In addition, the cleaning oil should be kept clean frequently.

The above is a summary of the RU85 crossed roller bearing lubrication modes and maintenance methods, we hope that you have some help, especially to note that to determine whether the disassembled bearings can work properly, to check the condition of the raceway surface, rolling surface, mating surface, the wear of the cage, the increase in the clearance of the bearing, whether there is damage related to the reduction of dimensional accuracy, abnormal.

RU85UUCCO Technical specifications


3.RU Crossed Roller Bearings Product Model

RU124(G)/RU124X Crossed Roller Bearing

RU Series Crossed Roller Bearing

RU148(G)/RU148X Crossed Roller Bearing

RU Series Crossed Roller Bearing

RU178(G)/RU178X Crossed Roller Bearing

RU Series Crossed Roller Bearing

RU228(G)/RU228X Crossed Roller Bearing

RU Series Crossed Roller Bearing

RU28 10X52X28mm Cross Roller Bearings

RU28 10X52X28mm Cross Roller Bearings, Since the mounting holes are provided the model does not require a presser flange or housing.

RU297(G)/RU297X Crossed Roller Bearing

RU Series Crossed Roller Bearing

RU42 Crossed Roller Bearing

RU Series Crossed Roller Bearing

RU445(G)/RU445X Crossed Roller Bearing

RU Series Crossed Roller Bearing

RU57 Crossed Roller Bearing

RU Series Crossed Roller Bearing

RU66 Crossed Roller Bearing

RU Series Crossed Roller Bearing

RU85 Crossed Roller Bearing

RU Series Crossed Roller Bearing

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