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Choosing the Right Bearing for Your Rotary Application: A Comparison of Cross Roller Bearings and Turntable Bearings

Turntable Bearings

When it comes to rotary applications, the selection of the right bearing is critical to achieving smooth and efficient operation. Two common types of bearings used in these applications are cross roller bearings and turntable bearings. In this article, we will compare and contrast these two types of bearings to help you choose the right one for your application.

Cross Roller Bearings

Cross roller bearings, also known as crossed roller bearings, are designed to handle both radial and axial loads. They consist of two sets of cylindrical rollers arranged at right angles to each other, with the rollers positioned between two raceways. This configuration provides high radial and axial rigidity, making cross roller bearings suitable for applications with heavy loads and high accuracy requirements.

One of the key advantages of cross roller bearings is their low friction and heat generation, which results in longer service life and lower maintenance costs. These bearings are commonly used in robotics, machine tools, medical equipment, and other high-precision applications.

Turntable Bearings

Turntable bearings, also known as slewing bearings or slewing rings, are designed to handle axial, radial, and moment loads while rotating at low speeds. They consist of an inner and outer ring with a series of rolling elements (such as balls or rollers) sandwiched between them. The rolling elements are typically arranged in a circular pattern, allowing the bearing to rotate smoothly and evenly.

One of the key advantages of turntable bearings is their ability to handle heavy loads, making them suitable for applications such as cranes, excavators, wind turbines, and radar antennas. They are also commonly used in medical equipment, aerospace, and defense applications.


When comparing cross roller bearings and turntable bearings, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Load Capacity: Turntable bearings have a higher load capacity than cross roller bearings, making them suitable for applications with heavier loads.

  2. Rigidity: Cross roller bearings have higher radial and axial rigidity than turntable bearings, making them suitable for applications with high accuracy requirements.

  3. Friction: Cross roller bearings have lower friction and heat generation than turntable bearings, resulting in longer service life and lower maintenance costs.

  4. Cost: Turntable bearings are generally more expensive than cross roller bearings, due to their larger size and higher load capacity.

In summary, both cross roller bearings and turntable bearings have unique features and advantages that make them suitable for different types of rotary applications. When selecting the right bearing for your application, it’s important to consider factors such as load capacity, rigidity, friction, and cost. By understanding the differences between these two types of bearings, you can make an informed decision that meets your specific needs and ensures smooth and efficient operation.

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