ROLLIX Slewing Bearing

Rollix is a well-known brand specializing in the manufacturing of high-precision slewing bearings, used in a variety of applications, including wind turbines, cranes, and industrial machinery. They come in a range of types and sizes, tailored to meet specific application requirements. Here’s an overview of the different types of Rollix bearings and their typical size ranges:

Types of Rollix Slewing Bearings

  1. Single Row Ball Slewing Bearings

    • Description: These bearings have a single row of balls and are designed for applications where space is limited and load capacity is moderate.
    • Common Applications: Light to medium-duty cranes, excavators, turntables.
    • Typical Sizes: Outer diameters range from 300 mm to 5,000 mm.
  2. Double Row Ball Slewing Bearings

    • Description: Featuring two rows of balls, these bearings can handle higher loads compared to single row ball bearings.
    • Common Applications: Heavy-duty cranes, tower cranes, offshore platforms.
    • Typical Sizes: Outer diameters range from 500 mm to 6,000 mm.
  3. Cross Roller Slewing Bearings

    • Description: These bearings utilize cylindrical rollers arranged in a crisscross pattern, providing high load capacity and rigidity.
    • Common Applications: Robotics, medical equipment, precision machinery.
    • Typical Sizes: Outer diameters range from 500 mm to 4,000 mm.
  4. Triple Row Roller Slewing Bearings

    • Description: With three rows of rollers, these bearings can support very high axial, radial, and tilting moment loads.
    • Common Applications: Heavy-duty construction machinery, offshore cranes, mining equipment.
    • Typical Sizes: Outer diameters range from 1,000 mm to 8,000 mm.
  5. Light Series Slewing Bearings

    • Description: These are designed for applications where weight reduction is critical without compromising load capacity.
    • Common Applications: Light cranes, aerial platforms, wind turbines.
    • Typical Sizes: Outer diameters range from 200 mm to 3,000 mm.

Selecting the Right Rollix Slewing Bearing Size

When selecting the right Rollix bearing size for your application, consider the following factors:

  1. Load Capacity: Determine the axial, radial, and tilting moment loads the bearing will need to support.
  2. Speed Requirements: Consider the rotational speed of the bearing in your application.
  3. Installation Space: Ensure the bearing dimensions fit within the available space in your machinery.
  4. Precision and Rigidity: Assess the precision and rigidity requirements based on the application’s operational demands.
  5. Environmental Conditions: Factor in the operating environment, including temperature, humidity, and exposure to contaminants.

Rollix Crossed Rollers Internal Gear
07-0673-00, 07-0770-00, 07-0849-00, 07-0885-01, 07-0946-05, 07-1075-01, 07-1140-13, 07-1304-04, 07-1385-03, 07-1606-02, 07-1830-04, 07-1997-04, 07-2400-00, 07-2810-09

Rollix Crossed Rollers without Gear
08-0220-05, 08-0270-04, 08-0307-00, 08-0340-04, 08-0400-00, 08-0405-05, 08-0475-08, 08-0574-08, 08-0675-00, 08-0823-08, 08-0980-06

Rollix balls External Gear
01-0181-02, 01-0235-00, 01-0289-06, 01-0342-00, 01-0422-01, 01-0555-01, 01-0626-00, 01-0765-01, 01-0880-00, 01-0947-00, 01-1050-00, 01-1180-00, 01-1295-01, 01-1410-00, 01-1595-00, 01-1712-00, 01-1845-02, 01-1895-00, 01-2040-03, 01-2130-00, 01-2202-00, 01-2560-01, 01-3031-00, 01-0181-02

Rollix Balls Internal Gear
02-0245-00, 02-0308-01, 02-0422-00, 02-0520-00, 02-0626-01, 02-0720-02, 02-0820-00, 02-0935-00, 02-1050-00, 02-1225-00, 02-1295-00, 02-1415-00, 02-1565-02, 02-1715-00, 02-1805-02, 02-2022-00, 02-2040-00, 02-2202-00, 02-2560-00, 02-2618-00, 02-3074-01, 02-0245-00

Rollix Balls without Gear
03-0181-07, 03-0217-00, 03-0260-00, 03-0342-05, 03-0360-00, 03-0402-00, 03-0525-01, 03-0600-02, 03-0785-00, 03-0980-02, 03-0181-07

Light Series slewing Bearings
21-0411-01, 21-0541-01, 21-0641-01, 21-0411-01, 21-0741-01, 21-0841-01, 21-0941-01, 21-1091-01, 22-0411-01, 22-0541-01, 22-0641-01, 22-0741-01, 22-0841-01, 22-0941-01, 22-1091-01, 23-0411-01, 23-0541-01, 23-0641-01, 23-0741-01, 23-0841-01, 23-0941-01, 23-1091-01

Light Series Solid Sections Bearings
31-0411-01, 31-0541-01, 31-0641-01, 31-0741-01, 31-0841-01, 31-0941-01, 31-1091-01, 32-0411-01, 32-0541-01, 32-0641-01, 32-0741-01, 32-0841-01, 32-0941-01, 32-1091-01, 33-0411-01, 33-0511-01, 33-0641-01, 33-0741-01, 33-0841-01, 33-0941-01, 33-1091-01

Customization and OEM Services from LKPB

As a leading bearing supplier and manufacturer, LKPB offers extensive customization and OEM services to meet specific application needs. Whether you require non-standard dimensions, unique materials, or specific load capacities, LKPB can provide tailored solutions to enhance the performance and reliability of your machinery.

Benefits of Choosing LKPB

  1. Expertise and Experience: LKPB brings years of experience in bearing manufacturing, ensuring high-quality products and expert technical support.
  2. Advanced Technology: Utilizing cutting-edge technology and manufacturing processes to deliver precision bearings.
  3. Customization Capabilities: Offering bespoke solutions to meet unique application requirements.
  4. Global Reach: Ensuring timely delivery and support across the globe.


Rollix bearings are available in a variety of types and sizes, designed to meet the demands of diverse applications. By understanding the specific requirements of your machinery and working with a reliable supplier like LKPB, you can ensure that you select the optimal bearing solution. Whether you need standard or customized bearings, LKPB provides high-quality, tailored solutions to support your operational needs and achieve your performance goals.

About LKPB Bearing Company

LKPB Factory shooting

Luoyang LIKE Precision Machinery Co., Ltd – LKPB®, Located in Luoyang, China, Established in 2013 with a registered capital of 5 million, We are a professional bearing manufacturer.

LKPB strictly follows the ISO9001 quality system requirements for product quality control, we have a strong technical team to accept processing of non-standard precision bearings of P5, P4, P2 and VSP level of accuracy. The products inner diameter size range is φ20mm-φ2000mm.

We have established long term co-operation with a number of the world’s leading machine tool and robotics companies, the products can completely replace of INA/IKO/THK/FAG/SKF/KAYDON and other brands. We believe that cooperating with us will exceed your expectations.

  1. Rotary Table Bearings ( YRT, YRTC, YRTS, YRTM, ZKLDF Series) ;
  1. Thin Section Bearings ( KAA, KA, KB, KC, KD, KF, KG, JHA, JA, JB, JG, JU Series);  
  1. Robot Reducer Bearings (CSF/CSG, SHF/SHG, CSD Series, RV Reducer Bearings and Flexible Bearings F, 3E Series);
  1. Angular Contact Ball Bearings ( 718, 719, 70, 72, 2344/2347 Series);  
  1. Ball Screw Support Bearings ( ZKLF/ZKLN, ZARF/ZARN Series);
  1. Slewing Ring ( Cross Roller, Four-Point Contact, Eight-Point Contact Same Path, Eight-Point Contact Different Path, Three-row roller and Flanged Series);
  1. Hollow Rotary Platform Bearings ( ZK Series).

For expert guidance in meeting your specific requirements, reach out to our knowledgeable team. Experience firsthand how our precision solutions can elevate your machinery’s efficiency and durability. Contact us today!

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